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Fashionable and timeless... A must-have is the boho dress.

The boho dresses will showcase your formal or informal femininity while preserving comfort and ease of movement, whether floral or simple, slit or asymmetrical, white or colored. Boho clothing embodies the bohemian lifestyle perfectly, as it is flowing, loose, and vaporous.

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Embracing Your Inner Boho & Finding Your Inner Freedom

The boho dresses are light, generous, and flowing, and it gently follows the body shape. The dress is both formal and comfy, allowing us to display our femininity while yet allowing us to move freely.

We like it whether it's floral, plain, straight, asymmetrical, maxi or midi. The boho clothing, regardless of style or fabric, is ideal for holidays, sunny beaches, strolling through fields, and, of course, for freedom.

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The life of a bohemian

Perfect your hippie chic style, as well as boho clothing trends... but that's not all!

The boho clothing style is more than simply a fashion statement; it's also a way of life, a mindset that values freedom, travel, and a carefree way of existence. By reading our blog, you will learn, among others, the origins of this way of life, décor ideas for a bohemian environment or even a list of the top hippie fashion ideas.

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Shop the hippie selection of Boho Kimonos that come with a variety of styles, prints, and patterns.

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What exactly is the Boho style?

The bohemian style, which exists somewhere between travel and romance, rock'n'roll and hippy, comfort and femininity, likes to defy fashion conventions and has done so for centuries. When we think of bohemian, we automatically think of the hippies of the 1970s, fashion queen Jane Birkin, or Charles Aznavour's renowned song. Not to mention the fact that it is primarily a 19th century literary and artistic trend relating to the Romanies' or bohemians' marginal, unstable, and fantastical existence.

As you can see, dressing as a bohemian involves wearing a comfy attire that allows you to move freely. It's all about blending styles by incorporating a rock, elegant, or romantic element into the ensemble. It's about getting dressed in a relaxed manner without adhering to rigid restrictions. Some of you will go for a vintage bohemian aesthetic, while others will go for a feminine and refined boho chic approach. Whatever you do, keep in mind that comfort is the most important aspect of the boho look.

In our collection, we simply offer comfort, quality, and individuality. This online clothes store will undoubtedly become your favorite. We enjoy loose, supple, flowing clothing with flower or ethnic motifs, as well as handmade jewelry at Boho Dress Official. Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, muslin, and velvet are our favorites. Similarly, we try to stay as near to nature as possible when it comes to colors: white, beige, brown, green, red, orange... Shades that can be found in nature. Finally, our boho clothing is embellished with lace, embroidery, pearls, buttons, and fringes, which we know you'll adore!

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