A History of Boho Styles

Bohemian style has never been more popular, with long dresses, flowing blouses, and soft fabrics with floral or ethnic motifs. It is more appealing to today's ladies who claim a certain philosophy and an alternative lifestyle, as it is romantic, feminine, and casual.

With its fluid and informal cuts, the bohemian style is a real phenomenon that fits wonderfully with contemporary trends. For decades, the finest fashion designers have drawn inspiration from this timeless style, which is refreshed on a regular basis.

Do you want to wear a bohemian appearance to emphasize your distinct personality, natural beauty, and sensuality?

We'll tell you the finest tips for achieving a completely bohemian style. Origins, fashion faux pas, and the bohemian style will no longer be a mystery to you.

The bohemian style, popularized by the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s, is an alternative fashion that represents a counter-culture that values independence and non-conformity. Essentially, this style is derived from a marginal and creative way of life portrayed in 19th century French literature.

Its origins can be traced back to the clothing style of the Gypsies of Bohemia and the gypsies who wore loose, colorful attire before becoming connected with the Romantic Movement's artists and intellectuals. The Bohemian style grew over time into a real philosophy of life. The bohemian inspired numerous writers and artists throughout history, including Victor Hugo, Balzac, Henri Murger, Puccini, Aznavour, and Queen.

Bohemians joined the contemporary movement against the too-tight corset, which hampered the body and attracted new members to the bohemian culture. Later, a notable 20th century couturier, Paul Poiret, redefined fashion by adding ethnic elements into his designs.

A History of Boho Styles
The hippie movement, which defied society's conventions, gave the bohemian style a fresh turn in the 1960s. The focus is on fluid dresses with floral or Indian designs, fringes, and the ubiquitous harem trousers. The seventies were heavily influenced by bohemian culture.

The bohemian style combines with the hippie style to create the bohemian chic or bobo style (bourgeois-bohemian) popularized by Vanessa Paradis in the 1990s. With skirts and long dresses that sublimate their femininity, women in the 2000s are increasingly taking control of their bodies. The materials are fluid, colorful, and have a variety of designs. Floating or palazzo trousers are also fashionable. The clothes are covered with a plethora of vintage jewelry, as well as bohemian hairstyles with flowers or braids.

How To Dress up as Bohemian?

Your style of attire, not your state of mind, will make you a part of the bohemian movement. Here are the essentials for a 100 percent bohemian look:
A History of Boho Styles
BOHEMIAN fabrics
Natural fabrics like cotton-linen or muslin, embellished with embroidery and lace, add softness and tenderness to the ensemble. A lace top (in white or ecru) looks great with a pair of worn-in jeans shorts. It's all about combining casual and refined elements.

The bohemian style pairs well with ethnic or floral designs. Colors that are overly bright, on the other hand, should be avoided.

Crochet is another important component of the boho chic style, although it should only be worn on the upper body. Perfect for a 3/4-sleeved top. Depending on the season, don't be afraid to choose a tighter or looser knit. You can then wear your swimming costume underneath in the summer.

Fringes will decorate your shoes, bag, or jacket, and we love them. Choose a garment with a few fringes, but not too many, so it doesn't look masked.

COLORS OF bohemian
For a bohemian look, white is your best friend. If this color clashes with your skin tone, opt for beige shades. Pastel shades are also appealing because of their seeming softness. So don't be afraid to hesitate a splash of yellow or red to your style.
A History of Boho Styles

Essential Boho Dresses

Here's a list of must-have items for your closet:

Skirts and Dresses

The Bohemian style is built on this foundation. Cuts that are long and flowing are preferred. Bohemian dresses might be asymmetrical or split to display your lovely gams for added sensuality. The bohemian long skirt is ideal for enhancing the look whether worn with a crop top or a flowing shirt.

Pants with Flares

If you don't like dresses, flared pants, which were popular in the 1960s, can be worn with a t-shirt and a coat. Choose high-waisted, flared trousers or bootcut jeans for a trendy look.


Shorts that are worn, white, or faded are ideal. This summer, a kimono will be ideal for accompanying you to the beach.

Tops with a lot of room

Tunics and blouses with lace or embroidery are your best bet. You can have them in white or with prints. A plain t-shirt might help to break up the opulence of designs and provide a touch of sobriety to your ensemble. Choose an oversized vintage t-shirt to give a touch of rock.


The kimono is a must-have item that will complete your bohemian ensemble. Plain, with ethnic or floral themes, with or without fringes, or even in lace are all options (white or cream).

Knitwear and Jumpers

Ideal for breaking up an extremely refined or sexy look. It will look excellent with a short skirt or a printed dress because of its soft and basic color. A long, asymmetrical, or loose fit is preferred.

Jackets made of denim and leather

The denim jacket is classic and may be worn with a variety of outfits. Depending on your tastes, choose it without frills and with a broad or fitted cut. Leather perfecto is also a great option for adding a rocking effect.

Boho Accessories

A History of Boho Styles
The bohemian scarf is an essential style of clothing. The scarf can be worn anywhere: in your hair, around your neck, or around your wrist.

Flat or wedge sandals with jewelry or flowers, suede boots with fringes, western boots like Santiag, or a pair of trainers with palazzo trousers are all good choices for shoes.

Native American style silver ethnic jewelry with turquoise stones will match your clothing well. You will be pleased with braided bracelets, feather necklaces, inscribed rings, and earrings that have already been worn.

Other accessories, such as circular or vintage-style sunglasses, a fringed or crochet handbag, can be added to complete your look.

Consider complementing your hairdo, which might include loose wavy hair, braids, headbands, or even a wide-brimmed hat. Finally, for a really bohemian look, go for a very natural make-up application.

Boho Style Variants

A History of Boho Styles
Remember that bohemian style has no restrictions, which is great since it allows you to wear it anyway you choose. When it comes to music, do you prefer rock, hippie, vintage, or folk? It is entirely up to you to make your decision.

The bohemian chic look is more refined. Opt for more sober prints instead of floral or hippie themes. You can also choose for silk, lace, or crochet, all of which are essential aspects of the bohemian chic style. You'll be at the top of boho chic style in a lovely white bohemian dress!

A leather perfecto, a cap, or motorcycle boots as a complement to a long dress can keep you in touch with the bohemian rock look. A rock'n'roll style that rocks also requires a graphic t-shirt.

Do you possess a hippie's soul? Become a real hippie chic by adopting a current clothing style that is in line with your principles. Take out the flared trousers and the floral blouse to wrap around your waist.

The rural style is quite popular in weddings, but it also works well in everyday life, especially if you are a romantic who enjoys being close to nature. Colors that are soft and light, natural materials, floral designs... Natural and refined, this bucolic style!

A few blunders should be avoided for a successful bohemian look. Don't be alarmed; we'll show you what not to do instead:

Wear clothing that aren't too baggy.

Not in the least. The basis of the Bohemian style is precisely the flowing, supple materials that follow the body without constraining it. So, please stay away from the tight little top.

Pick hues that aren't overly bright.

It doesn't fit in with the bohemian state of mind that loves the natural. Softer or slightly faded shades are preferable.

Taking it too far

Also be careful not to overdo it so as not to give the impression of being in disguise. We combine styles while remaining soft. No lace, crochet and excessive fringe.

As you can see, bohemian style is not just a fashion but a culture in its own right. It is first of all, your state of mind, your artistic sense, your sensitivity and your way of life that will make you a true bohemian. Finally, don't forget that your style of dress reflects your personality and your convictions.