Become a Boho Influencer & Get Free Clothing!

Become a Boho Influencer & Get Free Clothing


Boho Dress Official is the leading store for boho chic clothing. We always love trendsetting influencers like you to showcase our stunning apparel to your dedicated followers.

Become a Boho Influencer & Get a Dress Free Every Month!

Get ready to express your free-spirited style, as we invite you to wear our latest boho dresses and accessories, create captivating videos and photos and share your authentic reviews and recommendations with your soul-loving community!

How does it work?

1. Apply and Get Approved:

Contact us now to become a part of our exclusive influencer squad  and gain access to the world of bohemian fashion clothing and jewelry.

2. Choose Your Free Piece:

Receive a stunning dress or jewelry item of your choice, absolutely free, to showcase your boho style with your followers/subscribers.

3. Flaunt and Share Your Honest Review:

Wear our boho piece and create captivating content, sharing your authentic review with your followers. Let them experience the boho bliss!

4. Offer Discounts to Your Followers:

Spread the boho spirit by offering your followers an exclusive discount code (we'll give you!), giving them a taste of the Boho experience at cheap prices.

5. Wanna do it again? Repeat steps 2 to 4!

Love boho fashion and crave more? Keep the magic alive by repeating the steps above and enjoy our exclusive free bohemian clothing and accessories every month*!

*Terms and conditions apply.

Who can apply?

Open to influencers from all corners of the world because bohemian style knows no boundaries!

Social media influencers across all platforms (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more) are welcome to apply. 

Running a blog or other type of website? You're welcome too!

A minimum of 10k+ followers/subscribers/visitors with active female engagements is required.

How to Become Boho Influencer?

It's as easy as a wardrobe makeover!

  1. Send an email to [ influencers (at) boho-dress (dot) com ] with the subject line "Boho Influencer Collab Request" to embark on your boho fashion journey with us.
  2. Share your name, social media handles, number of followers/subscribers, and a brief introduction explaining why Boho Dress Official and your profile are a match made in style heaven.
  3. Don't forget to mention the dress or jewelry piece you're interested to receive absolutely free of charge!
  4. Our team will review all details and get back to you in 24-48 hours.
  5. Once everything is good to go, we will send your fav dress to your address free of cost (shipping included!)
  6. Do your magic and repeat for a regular free item!

I have a Question

If you're looking for some legal information, please refer to terms and conditions for this program or contact us at influencers (at) boho-dress (dot) com ] for any clarification.

Good luck!



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