What exactly is the Boho look?

Long dresses, flowing blouses, floral or ethnic patterns on fluid materials... The bohemian style has never been more popular. Casual, romantic, and feminine. It seduces many modern women who claim a certain ideology and a different way of life.

The Boho look is great for today's fluid and casual cuts. It's a genuine phenomenon. Timeless. It is updated regularly and has influenced the collections of some of the world's most renowned fashion designers for decades.

Do you want to wear bohemian style clothing to emphasize your distinct personality, natural beauty, and sensuality? We'll tell you the finest tips for achieving a complete boho style. Explore the origins, fashion, and even fashion faux pas of the Bohemian style, and you won't be able to keep it a secret any longer.

The history of the Bohemian style

The Boho style, which emerged during the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s, depicts an alternative style of fashion and a counter-culture that values independence and anti-conformism. This style is derived from a marginal as well as a creative way of living, as portrayed in 19th-century French literature: la Bohème, or the Bohemian style.

Its origins can be traced back to the Romani people's costume style, which is full and colorful, and it was later linked with artists, poets, musicians, and other Romantic intellectuals. The Bohemian style grew into a true-life philosophy throughout time. Throughout history, many writers and artists have been inspired by Victor Hugo, Balzac, Henri Murger, Puccini, Aznavour, Queen, and La Bohème.

The entrance of new adepts of the Bohemian culture resulted from a forward-thinking campaign to fight the over-rigid corsets that hampered their bodies. Later, a well-known 20th-century couturier, Paul Poiret, would revive a fashion trend by incorporating ethnic elements into his designs.

The hippie movement gave the bohemian style a new direction in the 1960s. It reached its pinnacle in 1969 when the Woodstock Festival defied social conventions. The accent is on fluid dresses, floral or Indian motifs, bangs (or tassels), and the renowned elephant paw pants. A strong Bohemian culture characterized the Seventies.

The Bohemian style combines with the hippie style to create the elegant Bohemian or bobo (bourgeois-bohemian) style popularized by Vanessa Paradis in the 1990s. Women began to reveal their natural shapes in the early 2000s by wearing boho skirts and long bohemian dresses to accentuate their femininity. The materials are light and airy, with a variety of patterns. Boho Pants that float or are called palazzos are also popular. Bohemian hairstyles are ornamented with flowers or braids, and outfits are adorned with various outdated jewelry.

Would you like to tap into your inner bohemian as well? Then carefully consider our suggestions.

What is the best style to achieve the Boho look?

Beyond your mental state, your wardrobe style will determine whether you are considered a Bohemian or not.

Here are the essentials for a complete Boho look:

Boho fabrics

Natural fabrics with needlework, such as cotton, linen, or muslin, as well as laces, add softness and romanticism to the outfit. A lace shirt (white or ecru) looks great with a pair of worn denim shorts. The entire costume is designed to combine casual and refined boho style.

Ethnic or floral prints are ideal for the Bohemian style. Avoid using colors that are too bright.

The crochet is a fundamental feature of the boho-chic style, but only on the upper body. Perfect for a top with 34 sleeves. Don't be afraid to wear a tight-knit top depending on the season. During the summer, you can wear your swimwear underneath.

We especially adore the boho tassels (or bangs) that will decorate your shoes, backpack, or jacket. To avoid being mistaken, choose a boho dress with only bangs.

Boho colors

To get a true Boho look, white will be your best ally. Choose beige tones if this color does not suit your skin tone. Due to their obvious softness, pastel hues are also highly appealing. However, we believe that more vibrant colors will be available in 2020. So don't be afraid to add some yellow or red to your boho style.

Choose natural colors like brown or blue shades that are easy to combine with your boho look.

The must-have boho outfit

A list of must-haves follows. These are essential items to have in your closet:

Boho Dresses

The core of the Bohemian style is the boho dress; loose cuts are our favorites. Asymmetrical or split Boho dresses display your legs for added sensuality.  Bohemian dresses exemplify boho chic with their laid-back, relaxed attitude, unique and highly expressive patterns, designs, and earthy, neutral tones. Boho dresses are perfect for free-spirited people who don't want to dress to fit in. You'll appear like a bohemian queen in these boho dresses!

Boho Skirts

The long Boho skirt is a perfect method to elevate your image when worn with a crop top or a baggy blouse. Swishy flowing boho skirts with plenty of personality are a must-have! Mini, Midi, and Maxi Skirts are all available. With prints that transport you to a field of wildflowers!

Boho Pants

If you don't like dresses, eph paw pants, the Sixties' icon, might be a highly stylish alternative, worn with a t-shirt and a coat. Choose bohemian high-waisted, flared, or bootcut boho jeans for a contemporary touch.

Boho Shorts

Boho shorts, which show your unique sense of style, are an essential part of your entire ensemble. So you can feel good about what you're wearing, many women's boho pants are created from organic materials. Choose anything short, worn, white, or faded. It will be the perfect beach companion with a boho kimono this summer.

Boho Tops

Tunics, blouses, and shirts will be baggy and lace or embroidery-embellished. Choose between white tones and prints. A plain t-shirt can be really handy for breaking up the excess of prints and adding a touch of sobriety to your ensemble. Choose an oversized vintage t-shirt to add a touch of rock.

Boho kimono

An absolute must-have. Boho kimono completes your bohemian look. It can be plain, with ethnic or floral motifs, with or without bangs, or even lace (white or cream).

Boho sweater or the vest

Ideal for breaking up an ensemble that is either too refined or too seductive. A Boho sweater or vest looks perfect with a short skirt or a printed dress because of the soft and plain hues. Choose a length that is long, asymmetrical, or loose.

Boho Jacket

Boho jackets are timeless! The denim jacket can be worn with a variety of outfits. Choose them naturally, with a wide or slim fit, according to your tastes. A touch of rock can also be added by using leather perfecto.

A little extra

Putting our skin on display might make us feel wonderful and add a touch of sensuality to our ensemble. Being a Bohemian is all about trying new things, like wearing a bare shoulder.

Bohemian accessories

The bohemian scarf is a must-have accessory. A scarf can be worn everywhere, including in your hair, over your neck, and around your wrist.

With palazzo pants, choose flat or platform sandals with diamonds or flowers, fringed suede boots, western boots, or a pair of sneakers.

Your boho style will be enhanced by ethnic silver jewelry and aged metal in an Indian style with turquoise stones. Braided bracelets, feather necklaces, inscribed rings, and other previously worn accessories can bring you joy.

Other boho accessories, such as circular or vintage-style sunglasses, a fringed or crochet handbag, can be added... Perfect for finishing off your look.

Consider complementing your hairdo, which might include loose wavy hair, braids, headbands, or even a wide-brimmed hat. Finally, for a 100 percent Boho style, choose a very natural makeup.

Variations in the bohemian style

Always remember that the Bohemian style has no rules, which is great because you can wear any piece however you like. You can choose from rock, hippie, vintage, or folk music.

The Bohemian chic look is a more refined variation of the bohemian look. Opt for a more sober print instead of floral or hippie themes. You can also go for silk, lace, or crochet, which are all staples of the bohemian chic style. You'll be on top of the boho chic style in a gorgeous white Boho dress!

To complement a long dress, add a leather jacket, a cap, or motorcycle boots to maintain the Bohemian rock look. A unique t-shirt is also essential for a terrific rock'n'roll style.

Do you have a hippie heart? Adopt a fashionable dress style that reflects your principles and you'll be a true chic hippie! Remove the eph paw pants and replace them with the short floral belly tie blouse.

In the wedding world, this is very fashionable. The country style is ideal for everyday life, especially if you are a romantic who enjoys being close to nature. Colors that are soft and brilliant, natural fabrics, and little flower prints... Natural and tasteful, this bucolic style!

Avoid these fashion faux pas.

There are a few mistakes to avoid in order to achieve a successful Boho look. Don't worry, we'll show you what not to do instead:

  • Wear fitted clothing: Don't do it. The flowing and supple textiles that follow the curve of the body without confining it are the foundation of the Bohemian style. Please avoid wearing small, tight tops.
  • Select colors that are excessively bright: This is incompatible with the Bohemian mind, which emphasizes naturalness. Shades that are softer or slightly faded are preferable.
  • Taking it too far: To avoid creating the idea of being in disguise, be careful not to overdo it. We combine styles while remaining soft. There will be no excessive lace, crochet, or fringe.

The Bohemian style, you see, is not simply a fashion trend but also a way of life.

First and foremost, your state of mind, aesthetic sense, sensitivity, and lifestyle will define you as a true Bohemian.

Finally, remember that your clothing style reflects your personality and beliefs.

You now have all of the necessary ingredients to become a true Bohemian addict. Now it's up to you!