What is Difference Between Mini, Midi and Maxi Boho Dresses

Boho Mini Dresses

The shortest of the three primary boho style dresses, with a hemline that can end somewhere above the knee. A versatile length that may be worn casually or sweetly, or exciting and sexily, depending on the accessories. Shift, Sheath, Wrap, Bodycon, Babydoll, and Slip are just a few of the bohemian designs and styles available in this length.

Some may argue that this length is best suited for more informal or social activities, while others may argue that it is preferable to avoid any events that need smart casual or cocktail attire, but to each their own. You're a free boho soul and you can do whatever you want, sweetie!

For those evening occasions, use length with sandals or sneakers for a casual social setting. For a more daring look, wear heels and ankle boots, or even knee-high boots to show off those legs.

For cooler nights out with my partner, I've always loved wearing this length with stockings, boots, and my trusty boho leather jacket.

Boho Midi Dresses

The Midi is the shortest of boho three major lengths, with the hemline beginning below (or at) the knee and ending just above the ankle. Depending on the additional designs, the boho midi-length can range from casual to sophisticated. One of the first things you'll notice about the boho midi length is the wide assortment of necklines, hemlines, and bodice designs available. A-line, Cocktail, Bodycon, and Handkerchief Hemline are just a few boho styles that support well with this length.

The disadvantage of the women's height would be a disadvantage with this boho midi length. Some women (like me) have short legs, thus hemlines that end about the mid-calf should be avoided. To give the illusion of longer legs, pair those styles with strappy heels or choose a hemline that ends above the mid-calf.

Depending on the boho style, this length is suitable for professional work dresses, smart casual, weddings, and practically all social occasions.

Boho Maxi Dresses

The Boho Maxi is the third and final length in our collection, stopping just below the ankle. The Boho Maxi, like the midi, is appropriate for a variety of social and formal occasions according on the individual's style. Harem hem, Trumpet / Mermaid, Bouffant, Ball Gowns, and Summer Maxi Dresses are just a handful of the silhouettes / designs that this length promotes.

Women with shorter legs, like with the Boho Midi Dress, should pay attention to the hemline length. Some floor-length boho dresses are too long, necessitating the use of high heels to safeguard not just the dress's bottom but also yourself from falling.

What is your favorite boho dress length? Let us know by shopping!

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