5+ Stylish Boho Wedding Ideas

Congratulations on your decision to have a boho wedding! Boho weddings stand out for their understated, yet artistic and innovative accents. They incorporate a mishmash of ethnic, hippie, and gypsy aesthetics, as well as rustic, natural, and vintage elements.

You can pretty much do whatever you want at a boho wedding as there are no limits! One of the reasons it is so popular is because you can DIY a lot and make it super unique to you or you can hire pros to style it for you.

What is Boho Wedding?

A boho wedding has many stylish components and feels organic and laid back. A picture-perfect location in the countryside, with a quirky altar decorated with floral accents and lights strung from the trees.

There are dream catchers, fairy lights, and many other adorable small vintage accents all about you. The bride sports a flowy, free-flowing gown, a flower crown, and braided hair. How Wonderful!

What about wedding color schemes for a boho wedding, though? We've gathered some of the greatest color schemes for a chic boho wedding as a service to you. See these amazing color combinations below.

Teal and Rusty Wedding

Teal and Rusty Wedding

Would you like to make a wonderful first impression on your visitors? Let the eye-catching contrast of rust and turquoise stun everyone. They don't let you down. Rust provides a light touch of warmth, while teal offers the relaxing qualities of blue and the energizing qualities of green.

Laverne and Lilac Wedding


Lilac and lavender look amazing together at any time of the year! An essential boho component to think about is lavender because it is fully natural and calming. Lilac complements all skin tones.

Additionally, both are attractive throughout the year and are amorous. You will have many options when it comes to stationery, florals, décor, wedding favors, and even bridesmaid dresses when you choose to work with this color scheme.

Coral Metallic and Copper Wedding


Everything looks great when metallic coral and copper are combined, including wedding photo frames, invitations, the table setting, bridesmaid dresses, and bridal shoes.

When matched with a white or ivory wedding gown, copper shoes epitomize refinement. Table settings with copper candlesticks, greenery, and glasses and cutlery seem extremely natural. Would you like to add something a little more unique? Tie a buttonhole with copper wire.

Coral and metallic copper can offer you a colorful boho shoot when used in photographs. Undoubtedly, a beautiful fall color scheme that combines metallic coral and copper is ideal for any boho-style wedding.

Green Sage Wedding

Green and sage

Sage complements virtually every style, not just boho, as any neutral does. It is a real show-stopper and is regarded as the "new neutral." When combined with white, cream, or ivory, this delicate, subdued color creates a stylish neutral color palette.

Sage certainly adds a touch of nature to your big day. Any décor will exude grace and elegance when using this color.

Speaking of green, one of the factors driving the craze for boho weddings is their potential cost savings over "conventional" weddings. And if saving money is important to you, your wedding guests might feel the same way.

Encourage them to hunt for budget-friendly wedding present ideas so they can participate in your celebration without going over budget if you're in a position to do so.

Peach with Orange / Rust Wedding

Peach with orange

The ideal combination of complementary tones that adds depth and natural richness is peach and rust orange. This color scheme becomes even more lovely if you get married around the peak of the fall leaf bloom.

Peach with orange colors are also prevalent in flowers, which make for really gorgeous floral arrangements for tables.

Navy Blue and Burgundy Wedding

navy blue

There is no way to go wrong when you combine two masterpieces. It demonstrates how the color scheme of burgundy and navy blue works well for a boho wedding. The feminine and berry-hued burgundy works beautifully with navy blue, which is sometimes referred to as the new black. This combination looks fantastic in invites, apparel, and linens.

Burgundy and navy blue are fantastic color combinations because they give the impression that something is expensive even if it is not.

Plan a Perfect Boho Wedding?

We hope these color schemes serve as inspiration for you, whether you're going for a trendy, earthy, or feminine look at your boho wedding. Enjoy your planning!