Bohemian Dresses In Winter: How to Wear?

Do you want to see some winter styles with boho dresses?

What are some fashion recommendations for dressing for chilly weather? Do you love boho fashion and wish you could wear it all year? 

One of my favorite styles as a fashion fan is bohemian style. When I'm shopping for bohemian clothing, though, I always find that short, lightweight dresses for summer are much simpler to come by.

How to find bohemian fashion ideas for the fall and winter seasons?

That is why I am sharing with you today a variety of advice and examples of styles that you may wear with bohemian dresses when the weather gets cooler.

How to Wear Bohemian Dresses In Winter

Whatever fall or winter boho costume you choose, you'll have plenty of chances to experiment with different materials and textures. To accomplish so, pair your dress with other clothes that will make you look attractive and wear you warm, such as an oversized wool sweater or cardigan, as well as boots or waders.

Layer your clothes and accessorize with frayed or embroidered items to achieve the ultimate hippy look. Finally, a hat, wool tights, or even a long scarf may wear you warm while looking elegant.

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Read on to find out:

  • Fashion tips toadopt the bohemian style in winter,
  • Many examples of easy-to-wear outfits,
  • How to get warm with a bohemian dress,
  • Examples of winter shoes that go with this style,
  • A selection of accessories to perfect your winter boho look!

What does a winter bohemian style involve?

The bohemian style is often thought of as a summer trend, yet it can be found all year. Of course, when the weather is chilly, a light dress and sandals will not suffice.

How to Wear Bohemian Dresses In Winter

When the weather isn't cooperating, you can go really bohemian by layering multiple layers of clothing, leaving some layers hanging out, and experimenting with different materials and prints.

Furthermore, the bohemian trend favors natural materials such as cotton, linen, and leather, as well as wool, which has a high insulating capacity and is suitable for the winter.

To summarize, wearing bohemian in the winter allows you to mix and match your clothes even more freely and wear a style that suits you.

Choose a monochromatic look with a variety of textures.

Do you like to dress in a bohemian fashion? In that scenario, prints and patterns will no longer be a mystery to you! However, in the winter, this trend can be worn in a monochrome style, with clothes with unique textures or even embroidery.

How to Wear Bohemian Dresses In Winter

By playing with contrasts, don't be afraid to pair dresses with jackets you wouldn't normally connect with them. Velvet and leather, for example, typically allow silkier and brighter textiles to shine.

👉 Cool colors like blue, gray, purple, and even green are popular in the winter. It's time to play with gradients to include them into your bohemian outfit!

The Must-Have Bohemian Piece For Winter Is The Cardigan Or Chunky Sweater

Do you worry about becoming cold in a simple long dress? Sweaters and cardigans can provide a comforting element to your bohemian appearance. I propose choosing models that are rather long and thick, with coarse knits, to keep on trend and toasty.

How to Wear Bohemian Dresses In Winter

We generally believe that wearing loose clothing will bulk out our shape and broaden our waist. This isn't the case at all! In truth, the situation is the polar opposite. Your shape will appear thinner and sleeker if you wear loose, lengthy boho clothing.

Furthermore, being at ease in your clothes will make you appear more natural, spontaneous, and confident.

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High boots or thigh-high boots will help you warm up your legs.

Tights aren't always adequate to keep you warm when wearing a dress, even if they're thick. Boots, or even better, thigh-high boots, are another option for increasing the surface area of your body covered by boho clothes.

How to Wear Bohemian Dresses In Winter

These really high heels will cover a huge portion of your legs while also giving you a very feminine appearance. They'll make it possible for you to sublimate both a short and a long dress!

👉 Consider boots with heels if you wish to lengthen and slim down your body shape. If you can't wear heels or need comfy shoes on a regular basis, such as for work, flats will suffice.

Fringes, a Boho Chic Detail for the Winter

The bohemian style is known for its numerous innovative and unique features, as you may already know. Natural and colorful stitched designs, as well as beads, are examples of such embellishments. These modest personalization marks are a method to personalize your clothes and represent who you are through them.

How to Wear Bohemian Dresses In Winter

So, in the 1970s, hippies began to reimagine common clothing in this way to express their individualism and convictions. For example, one of their repeating motifs is the symbol "peace and love"!

Hippies have also brought bangs up to date, which may be found in today's bohemian fashion, after being inspired by and rehabilitating the practices of the American Indians. This season, they've even been invited to walk the runways at Prada, Boss, and Christian Dior!

So now is the time to incorporate bangs into your wardrobe, to wear with a dress or any other bohemian ensemble, and to pair them with whatever you want:

  • with a fringed jacket,
  • with fringed booties,
  • with a bag with this type of detailing...

Enhance Your Bohemian Spirit With Accessories!

Are you stumped as to how to accessorize your bohemian gown? Because if you appreciate this trend, you probably also enjoy accessorizing your outfit with a variety of accessories.

However, I typically see that wearing accessories is less common in the winter. This can be for practical reasons: large rings, for example, frequently get stuck in garments when you put them on... which happens frequently during the day in the winter. Instead, as with apparel, I propose layering tiny accessories and relying on seasonally appropriate pieces like the ones I'll show you in the following lines.

Wear a Stylish Boho Hat

Nothing beats a lovely hat to complete your winter bohemian ensemble!

How to Wear Bohemian Dresses In Winter

Instead, to stay in the boho style, I propose wearing natural colors, ranging from light camel brown to dark brown, and matching your headpiece to your boho outfit.

Combine your hat with a large scarf in oversized knitwear to be even warmer.

Try wearing a small boho leather bag

If you're wearing a bohemian long dress, the little leather bag will be your best buddy! Indeed, in the winter, it is often necessary to keep a large number of tiny products on hand, such as lip balm, hand lotion, gloves, a laptop, and so on.

How to Wear Bohemian Dresses In Winter

In the absence of pockets on your dress, a tiny bag will be great for keeping and accessing all of them. As previously stated, you can go for a boho look with bangs, embroidery, or beads...

I hope you've learned a lot about how to wear a bohemian dress in the winter without becoming cold, as well as how to accessorize it in a way that shows off your style!