How to wear high-waisted long skirts?

Do you want to know if high-waisted long skirts will flatter your figure? Do you need some fashion ideas on how to incorporate this ultra-trendy piece into your personal bohemian style?

Long skirts, particularly pleated ones, made a comeback on the runways a few years ago, which I enjoyed as a fashion fan. This must-have boho clothing has the benefit of being easy to wear, highly feminine, and easy to match throughout the year!

Today, I'd like to show you how to wear a high waist long skirt, regardless of your morphology. I've also compiled a look of stylish garment choices to help you make this piece a staple in your boho closet!

The high-waisted maxi skirt flatters most body types.

How to wear high-waisted long skirts

Choose lightweight fabrics and cuts that aren't too long and flatter your form if you're small or have a well-rounded figure. The fashionable boho maxi skirt is available in a wide range of styles, from traditional black and white to rock 'n' roll with a leather perfecto. It's also a must-have for bohemian and ethnic looks, especially if it's printed or has patterns.

As a result, this garment may be worn in a variety of ways; all you have to do is find the look that best suits you!

  • If you're petite, can you wear a high-waisted maxi skirt?
  • Is it appropriate for curvaceous ladies?
  • With this style of skirt, how do you achieve an abohemian or rock look?
  • How to wear it to work, to see friends, etc. on a regular basis?

Many clothing examples to help you plan your next bohemian shopping.

Do high waist long skirts need a certain body type?

The high-waist long skirt has made a comeback in recent years and is now a must-have for every trendy wardrobe. However, you may have reservations regarding the skirt's suitability for your body type. Indeed, we frequently see women who are tall and lanky wearing them in advertisements and fashion shows! What if you're not tall? Is it square or round? In the following lines, I respond to your queries!

Is it true that women of petite stature are prohibited from wearing long skirts with a high waist?

We frequently hear that long skirts and dresses are inappropriate for short women because they pack the form and do not improve it. I disagree, and I'm not the only one: you can wear this garment while you're short if you choose it carefully!

I have some suggestions for you in this regard:

  • Choose a skirt that isn't too long and falls just above the ankles so you don't get tangled in it.
  • Colors that are light and vivid are preferred.
  • Choose light materials such as lace, silk, and light fabric.
  • Choose a model that is high-waisted and proportionally depicts the middle third of your form (excluding the head).
  • If you can, wear heels that will stretch your legs!

Can you wear a high-waisted maxi skirt if you're plus size curvy?

How to wear high-waisted long skirts

Do you have plus size curves and are unsure if a high-waisted long skirt is right for you? There are no restrictions, just as there are none for petite women: it's a matter of choosing a model that flatters your figure. Discover our plus size collection!

Here's how to find the ideal skirt to complement your curvy figure:

  • Slit skirts will slim your legs as well as your physique.
  • To emphasize your curves, wear a high-waisted skirt that is straightened at the waist.
  • The designs on the skirt might be daring: They will look fantastic when paired with a plain top.
  • Heavy fabrics, such as velvet or tweed, should be avoided.
  • Choose one of the following:
  • A close-fitting skirt that falls just below the knee,
  • A flared skirt that hits the knee or just below it.

The casual stylish long skirt combines elegance and simplicity.

How to wear high-waisted long skirts

Are you seeking for a feminine, stylish, and wearable everyday boho outfit? A high-waisted maxi skirt, plain or printed, teamed with a blouse and classic shoes, is the ideal companion for going to work, spending the day with friends, or even going on vacation.

👉 Don't be afraid to wear a leather belt to draw attention to your waist. As previously said, a well-fitted garment is meant to emphasize the following proportions:

  • ⅓ up,
  • ⅔ down,

A belt will help to underline this proportional ratio while also adding style to a daily ensemble.

Wax fabric in a vibrant African-inspired design!

How to wear high-waisted long skirts

Have you ever come across the term "wax"? This African fabric has the added benefit of being treated on both sides with a special shoe polish, making it nearly waterproof and extremely durable. This cloth is extremely popular in Sub-Saharan Africa and is an important component of the local culture.

It is distinguished by vibrant designs that have meaning for African women and form an entire language. Depending on the pattern worn, it can indicate that one is fulfilled by one's husband or that one is alone and yearning for love.

Wax skirts with bright colors must be paired with a plain and simple top. This is the outfit to wear if you want to give the appearance that you have long legs and a slim frame. Don't be afraid to accessorize with African-inspired jewelry for a truly ethnic look!

With your long skirt, go for a rock n' roll look.

How to wear high-waisted long skirts

The black pleated long skirt is the feminine trump card of rock n' roll style: whether for an evening look or everyday wear, this garment will allow you to assert your style while remaining ultra-stylish!

I recommend pairing the black high waisted skirt with the following:

  • A perfecto in black leather,
  • Heels on shoes,
  • If you want to go for a monochrome look, wear a black top (blouse type).
  • If you want to brighten up your look, wear a white or light-colored shirt!
  • 👉 This look can also be achieved by wearing a skirt in tones of old pink, purple, or violet with black clothing!

Bohemian style with a look of ethnic chic

How to wear high-waisted long skirts

Do you enjoy wearing clothes that is both fluid and comfortable? What about the lovely prints? You should be able to pull off the bohemian look! Wear reading to find how to style the long skirt in a boho cool way!

How do you go for a boho look?

The bohemian maxi skirt has the following characteristics:

  • A loose cut, which flatters the figure, pastel hues (pink, blue, green) or natural (ecru, beige, khaki...)
  • Fluid materials (silk, viscose, linen, cotton...) It can be basic or decorated with floral patterns and bright colors.

How to wear high-waisted long skirts

It is flattering on all figures and can be worn throughout the year! Choose pieces like: to complement it and achieve a boho look.

  • Top with a bardot neckline (uncovered on the shoulders),
  • A lace-detailed blouse with a flowing silhouette.
  • a cap,
  • A little bag made of leather
  • A belt that draws attention to your waist,

For the winter, lace-up ankle sandals or leather boots are ideal...

Hope this helped you discover the bohemian style! We're dedicated to delivering you ultra-trendy and cheap bohemian clothing all year long on our site Boho Dress Official.