Leather Skirt: How to wear with Boho Clothing?

A classic for all time: The Boho skirt is a must-have for every fashionista's closet. It has a classy side that makes it a must-have item in the bohemian wardrobe. You have the option of softening your look or supporting your inclination for impertinence if you're rocking hard.

To go with a boho leather skirt, what are some appropriate tops? What kinds of bohemian clothing and shoes go well with it? We've compiled a list of tips to help you avoid "fashion faux-pas."


There's nothing quite like leather.

With its exceptional resistance to wear, leather makes an excellent investment for a long-lasting wardrobe. Unlike silk or wool, which necessitate special attention, this fabric is simple to care for. Cleaning with white vinegar will do the trick as long as you remember to keep your clothing dry, moisturize it regularly, and avoid getting any stains on it. If you're a vegan, imitation leather is a great option to consider.

What size should you chose for leather skirt?

Mid-thigh is the most common length for a traditional boho skirt, which is either straight or trapezoidal. The "pencil" cut for a more feminine look, or the long version slightly pleated for a more noticeable trend, have all been taken up from this base. The skater cut is also an option, but keep in mind that it tends to make the silhouettes appear larger.

Where to find the Rock-look skirts?

It's entirely up to you whether or not you want the edgier side of leather skirts. It will complete your "bad girl" look, especially if you couple it with a pair of studded boots, which have been hugely popular in recent seasons.

A grungiest top or a wackiest t-shirt can be found in your closet, so dig around for something like that. The white sneakers can also be used to create a more streetwear-inspired look. We'll preserve the laid-back boho vibe, but introduce a little rock into the mix. The design of the leather skirt is already sufficiently defined, so don't go overboard with the accessories.

Image via Zara

What's the best way to wear leather while still maintaining your boho style?

Are you planning to wear your leather skirt to a more upscale event? If you want to soften its grungy side, opt for pieces like as big-knit, loose-fitting, oversized sweaters, and white shirts, which will give it a boho vibe.

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You can also wear a colored boho skirt, such as khaki, camel, or bottle green, which will help to tone down the rock-attitude of the ensemble. A blazer is the ideal choice for the boho jacket. You'll also be able to think about a wool coat in the winter.

Whether you wear moccasins, flat boots, or heels, these shoes allow you to maintain a classy boho life style, ideal for the office or a business meeting.